Amazon Dash

Personally I think that Amazon Dash is a negative thing. I think that it is scary to have a button that you can push in your house that allows you to buy your supplies. I think that takes away from the human experience of going out to the store and being able to see other people and other products. Sure it allows one to be able to constantly have the things they want but it takes away from doing the work. I believe that we are slowly relying more and more on technology instead of relying on people. One can literally be self contained in the isolation of ones own home. People are meant to be out and about with others however that is slowly shifting. Everyone wants to be self reliant. The technology is enabling them to do that however is hurting the social aspect of people. This technology may be convenient but I believe that it is taken it a bit too far.


Movie Analysis

These three movies that we watched for class all looked at design in a certain manner. Each had their own outlook that they were trying to convey. However all of the movies were able to look at a certain aspect of the design process more in detail. For example, in the movie Wall-e the movie particularly looks at consumerism and the consumption of items more than the other two films. Everything is Illuminated looks at the human aspect of design. The whole moral of the movie is to find this woman who saved his grandfather during World War II. He collects artifacts to try to remember details he would otherwise forget. Then with Helvetica it describes the entire design process. All of the people that are adding to the contributions of the typography. Each individual movie is able to look at one particular aspect of the design process Wall-e looks closely at the consumerism, Everything is Illuminated looks at the human aspect and then Helvetica looks at the design process.

Wall-e is not your classical Disney film. The idea behind Wall-e portrays what the Earth will look like in a few years if people rely on consumerism. When Wall-e is taken on the spacecraft he meets the humans. The most shocking aspect of the film was looking at the way in which people are portrayed they are obese and moving around sitting in chairs. A major aspect of the film was the idea of the Captain being able to walk. This shows how gluttonous our society is as a whole. It makes one stop and think about recycling or finding alternative ways of doing things as to not damage the earth. In Wall-e the earth was completely covered in trash and it was Wall-e’s job to compact all of these mounds of garbage. The movie truly makes one focus on the effects of consumerism. However it does not truly focus on the human aspect of artifacts that is left up to Everything is Illuminated.

Everything is Illuminated truly looks at the human aspect of artifacts and the significance it holds for a certain individual. Jonathan is a young man whose grandma had just died but first she was able to hand him a picture of his grandfather and a young woman who saved his grandfathers life during World War II. Jonathan takes it upon himself to go and look for this woman in the picture. It also shows how Jonathan is a collector he collects small artifacts from places to remember the events in his life. We see that he places these artifacts in the Ziploc bags and labels them so that he knows what is in his room. When talking to Alex his translator he explains the importance of collecting these artifacts. The artifacts have a significant meaning to them depending upon the people. The film does a good job at looking at the human experience and memories that go along with common everyday items such as a photo or a necklace. Helvetica is another movie in which looks at design however it looks at the work aspect of the design process.

Helvetica specifically looks at the design process. It talks about the amount of work and people that go into making a font. The amount of years and the explanation of how each curve means something and is done specifically. They are able to look into the use of the typography and how it is used in everyday life. It shows that it is commonly used with road signs. The design element of the typography is what makes Helvetica so useful. The improvements were able to being made to the type font so that it could be used for multiple purposes. The film focuses on the idea that each font portrays a different message and can be used for different purposes. The idea that different fonts can be used for different purposes is very intriguing.

Looking at the movies as hole they look at specific elements of the design process that we have looked at this entire semester. Each one portrays design in a different way. Helvetica was a informed documentary, Everything Is Illuminated was more comical yet had a deeper meaning and Wall-e is a animated Disney Movie. Each one was a different designed film portraying different messages about design. Each however was able to convey the message in a convenient way that was easy to understand.

The lessons I learned from all of the movies is that designed artifacts are created for a purpose. This purpose has different meanings to each individual however it is up to us to take that meaning and make something out of it, memories, love, community and trust. However with that comes responsibility to the earth and to others in the community. Consumerism can take over if we let it and we will end up somewhere we would not know what to do. The designed world is not a bad thing and can be used for good and to make lives of people better and more meaningful.

Informance Video 7&8

New York         Drake

The two videos that I watched were on New York City and then Beats by Dre.  They both talked about the design process and how they are made for convenience. The grid road system enables people to get around easily and find where they need to go. The Beats are used so that the experience of listening to music. They were originally designed at headphones to wear in the studio and were heavy. However throughout the design process they have been able to make beats smaller and lighter. However in New York the design was based around cultural aspects. Broadway was the only street that reflected Native American Culture. The grid system is based upon dutch culture. Both products enhance the lives of people New York allows for easily mobile functions. While Beats make the music experience more enjoyable. Beats are lighter and have great audio files. They both are exposed in the media rather well. They are both publicized on TV Beats are endorsed by Drake and New York is in the media almost every day.

Informance Video 5&6

New Delhi Boston

In both informance videos they talked about the same scale artifacts. Both happened to be cities however they were located on different sides of the world. Neel Patel was able to talk about New Delhi a populous city in India. While Lina was able to talk about Boston.  Both cities are constructed in a way that they are functional for the millions of people that visit these cities. New Delhi is full of tourist attractions such as the Taj Mahal one of the seven wonders of the world. Boston is also home to many touristic cites in which give tours around the city and its historic cites. Boston is one of the original 13 colonies that America was founded upon. While New Delhi is a capital city of India. New Delhi and Boston differ in design. New Delhi was hand crafted with palaces and temples. Boston is featured around the sports teams. The 2024 Olympics will be held in Boston. This is allowing for new projects to be created to showcase a pretty city. The New Delhi video discusses the crime rate. While Boston looks at the memory of the Boston Bombings. The culture of each city is completely different. Boston is looking forward into the future with technological advances. New Delhi is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. The consumerism aspect of New Delhi and Boston are greatly different. People are able to buy products in Boston with credit cards. While New Dehli wealth is accumulated through family businesses. People do not often explore New Delhi due to the corruption however it is a place in which the history is evident. Boston however draws in a lot of people and is known nationally for the #BostonStrong ever since the bombings. Other sports teams draw in large crowds from all over America.

Informance Video 3&4

field notes   jeep

For this section I watched two videos with differing artifacts.  The Jeep movie was made by Seth Jones and the second video was done by Lyon Fletcher. These movies were really well done. Both discussed how these artifacts were originally used. The Jeep was created for the Military while the original field notes book was created for practical uses to have a place to take notes and know a little bit about Kentucky. Each artifact is able to enhance the quality of life field notes enables people to write down important events in a small and easily accessible notebook. Jeeps are cars that are created to go anywhere through any terrain. The Jeep is a valuable and multipurpose vehicle that can be used by both the  military and common consumers. The field notes is meant for everyone. It has many different aspects that can be useful in certain situations. There is a difference between the media on each artifact. The Jeep appears in many movies and commercials that appeal to consumers. However the field notes are not impacted as much by the media. It is only spread through word of mouth. It is also only sold in small local Kentucky stores and on one online site Kentucky for Kentucky. Field Notes are specifically targeted to Kentuckians while Jeep is a more national name. People like myself who are not from Kentucky would not know about the field notes while Jeep is a brand that I see in everyday life. These movies were both well done and were clearly able to get across the main points of the project.

Informance Analysis Video 1 & 2

Hasselblad     PS4

The First Video I watched it focused on Hasselblad Cameras while the second video was about the Play Station Four. Both were able to compare their products to their predecessors. This showed how the design process changed for each artifact. The camera video clearly identified the idea that the Camera was able to clearly capture moments in life. While the Play station four was able to say that it enhanced gamers graphics allowing gamers to feel more apart of the game itself. They both clearly portray the consumerism. In the Hasselblad video it explains the cost of each individual camera and the quality in which these camera’s depict. It states that high end photographers are more apt to buy this expensive of a camera due to the fact the quality of the photograph is unbelievable. The Play Station video compares the video console to others. The media influences the competitors and competitors alike for both products. They show that Kodak along with Hasselblad made cameras while PS4, Wii and Xbox were all competitors. Each must be advertised in a way to attract customers. The qualities of both the camera and the game console are major aspects in why people buy these products.

The Navy Pier Video

Video Link:

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Photos also taken by Madeline Coyne

Target Observation


This is an empty checkout register. This is designed in such a way that people are able to put their groceries on the rolling conveyer belt that allows food to be brought to the person standing behind the desk. The cold soft drinks and candy located near the conveyer belt are there to enable people to buy spur of the moment. They want people to pick up the candy bar and the soft drink to eat and drink. It allows the company to bring in more revenue. People like myself fall for buying the candy at the counter.


This section of the Target store is the shoe section. The sign above is created so that people know what section they are walking into. The shoes are spread across the top of the shelves so that they are able to be seen by consumers. The design posters are on top of the clothing to display certain brands of shoes. Off to the left hand side there is Infant and Toddler clothes. The clothing isles are separated by the signs on the wall. This design allows people to easily locate certain items from different areas in the store.


This is a stand full of video games located in the technology part of the Target Store. This entire section is devoted to video games and enables gamers to  look exclusively at the newest video games. It is in the lime green so that the boxes stand out against the background. In the back the of the wall there is a line of TVs that displays the target logo. Throughout the time there it displays different movies that are out. Another design aspect in this particular area is the enclosed cases in which display the video games however it is locked so that people have a harder time stealing it. This design aspect allows people to see the popular video games.


The Samsung TV is located in the in the technology section as well. This particular TV is located in the technology section. The TV is something that is widely bought throughout the entire United States. Stores like Target are able to sell these particular TV’s. The fact that a widespread chain of stores such as Target are able to sell high end LED Tv’s is important. The consumerism and media influence is very important to the fact that this particular TV is located at Target. The design of the TV is so small that it enables the shelves to fit more on the shelves.


This is the Beats part of the technology section. This enables people to look and listen to the new Beats that came out. They also enable one to see the different color options so that people are able to get the full experience. This entire section allows people to see the new headphones that have become so popular within the last year. They are able to see the difference between the regular headphones and these high definition headphones. This is consumerism at its best. It allows the consume to get the full effect. The fact that Beats are so popular enables the people to know about this brand. The media influence on Beats is essential to the continual selling of this item.


Artifact: Ticket/Information booth

Located right in the main entrance of the Navy Pier. Allows people to see the events and things going on that particular day. The ticket booth allows people to buy IMax tickets to whatever is out. Also the information desk allows people to find out about the Navy Pier its history and what happens and where at. The ticket booth is small and is in the middle of the entrance. The ticket booth gives the Navy Pier a sense of entertainment and family friendly environment.

Artifact: Board Walk Outside

This is located on either side of the Navy Pier. It allows people to walk around outside and see the gorgeous views on the lake and also look back and see the views from the dock. Along the walk there are places to eat and sit. This allows people to come and take in nature and the man made city behind them. It also allows people to be outside and enjoy the weather. The Pier aspect with boats outsides sets the tone for this historic spot. It gives it a sense of entertainment and use. Due to the fact that the boats are docked on the side and are being used for different purposes.

Project Viewing

While watching the videos I realized how important timing is with videos that use words. The one example shown in class today the words were very hard to read and passed by so quickly the audience did not have the time to fully read the clip. Also when watching a video using a mixture between background music and talking is the best way to keep the audience attention. One does not want to read the entire time or listen to a monotonous voice for a period of time. Another thing that I need to take into account when creating my movie is the graphics in which I am going to use. The first movie about the tallest building in the world was very visually graphic and allowed the audience to follow along with what the narrator was stating. Viewing these videos has given me a sense of what I am going to need to do for my final project.