Extreme By Design

This film focused on a class that college students were enrolled in. They were taken to different countries to look at real life problems and designs that could help these different situations. The one group worked on a water system on a small island. They wanted to find a way to storage for water throughout the dry season. Then another group was in Bangladesh and worked with finding a breathing machine for babies that have pneumonia. This is the number one killer of babies in Bangladesh. While the third group worked with an ivy system that uses gravity to make the ivy drip. These groups were able to make prototypes on a low income. This will allow these countries to use less money to make these machines to help more patients. The movie was based around applying design to real world situations. It is being able to make prototypes and keep adjusting the design to make it work. This class focuses on the design process. The reviews were able to help them direct what they were doing and how they were going to do this. They also learned how to interact and work as a team. It enabled them to see how important it is to work with others to bounce ideas off and make the design better. Overall this film enabled me to see the design process and how important it is. The idea that people are able to create things that make life more convenient is amazing to me.


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