If You Build It

While watching this movie it was amazing to see the positive this one building could have on an entire community. The kids were able to feel like they were apart of something. It helped them build their confidence. This is the idea that their ideas were taken into consideration and then put into action made them feel accomplished. By the end of the video the  kids stated how blessed they were to be in this class.  When reading the letters from Emily and Matt they started to tear up. They were obviously very attached to them. When they were in the finished project of the Farmers Market they were amazed that the finished project was this big. The community was able to have a place to bring the things they grew and were proud of you to sell. The one woman in her kitchen making her cakes was so excited to sell them. Being able to bring people from the community together was a huge accomplishment. From the farmers market opening other stores were opened and more jobs were created in a place where everyone was leaving and business was declining. Overall the impact that this farmers market made was a positive one that these kids and families will never forget.


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