Designer 5 Profile

Mark O’Bryan is an architect and is very fond of older buildings. He received his Masters Degree at Cornell University. He has traveled to many different places throughout the world including, Istanbul Turkey and Greece. He has designed many different architectural structures for churches. He has a personal connection to one of his first projects that was done for St. Agnes. He designed and made a baptismal font. During this project his mother and grandmother had passed away. and he had made a little memorial in the font. Allowing for a personal connection to the design. The font he designed was his most favorite design due to the personal connection he had with it. Mark also paints and is working on a Love Hotel. This love hotel is about his memories in foreign places that represent his life in a designed process. Mark see’s design in the world as amazing. Beauty that nature provides is extraordinary. Everything is designed and we do not know everything about the whole design process. There is an amazing level of complexity. He see’s design in the future as design becoming cheap but labor becoming more expensive. It will slowly become how we direct machines to do the work.

Ann Whiteside-Dickson: Works for the School of Interiors. She believes interior design is a new profession but has been around for millennia. When she visited the caves in France and saw the paintings on the wall it was a designed interior space. She grew up in a small town with a lot of heritage.  The textile industry was widely used. Women would make blankets and things for everyday use that is now qualified as designed art. The art has become less common throughout time. Her parents had built a house that did not have an air conditioner. The house had to have been constructed in a way to easily allow the wind to blow throughout the house. Ann looks at the environmental response to design and believes it should enrich the experience. She focuses her work on the feel of the room and how we respond to that feeling. She believes in current design we are seeing a movement toward environmental sustainability and ability to reach all class levels. She believes design in the future is going to continue with sustainability and environmentally friendly designed however she does not truly know where it will go past that.


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