Designer Profile 4

Lindsey Lawry Fay started her undergraduate work here at the University of Kentucky in another major she then throughout her time decided that she wanted to be in a creative field. She connected with her art courses in High School. As a child she was able to work on a small committee to make a new playground for all of the kids in school. She absolutely loved working with this group. Today she is involved with many different aspects of design. She is involved in Research. She has taken her class into the new hospital and has allowed them to observe and see what the patients are using or not. She then works as a professor at the University of Kentucky. She is apart of a study abroad program to Cambodia and Thailand where she allows her students to look at many other aspects of design. She lived near Lake Tahoe California and worked on many housing projects. She misses working with the community around her and the local people. Here at the University of Kentucky she is apart of service and development. She is the head of the UK chapter of Habitat for Humanity. In design today she see’s the multifaceted way of working. So many great opportunities are arising and many of the design elements are overlapping. Design in the future she sees the community being more involved. The value of design increasing and collaboration is imperative.

Rebekah Radtke is an interior designer at the University of Kentucky. She recently got back from Atlanta and is working on the interior design of the student center. She works with community based projects in Brazil. She worked in North Lime Kentucky making shotgun houses and then here at the University. With design she talked a lot about engaging the community around, weaving new technology into the areas, and integrating design from all aspects. Her class for design is able to directly look at study rooms and public areas in Champions Court One. They have observed the dorm room spaces to see what people are doing and at what times these rooms are being used the most. She is a huge advocate for people and their voices in design. Design to her at this moment in time is a large movement toward human based design. It is not based on what things used to look like however the ideas that everyone in the community communicates. When thinking about design in the future she see’s robots. Very big robots that have the potential to change the world and make the change that we want to see. She thinks design will become more inclusive for people in the community.


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