Designer 3 Profile

Melody Farris Jackson has worked in many different places and for many different corporations in many different areas. Her first story was about her work with the World Equestrian Games. She was able to sit down in a meeting and draw up a sketch with horses that looked like violins. She was able to design the logo, multiple posters, apparel designs and paintings on barrels. She has expanded her horizon throughout her life. With different meetings and events she was able to connect with others and grow into the designer she is today. She is an architect who works on multiple different projects. She has done additions on houses and worked for NASA, Ikea, Toyota and Nike designing different buildings. She believes strongly that her design process is constantly growing and changing, and solving problems. She believes that design is going to become more about power of expression than anything else.

Sabrina Mason is an instructor here at the University of Kentucky. She is an interior design major. Last year she was able to work on the Butler Project. This is where she was able to get people in the community involved and interacting with one another. This project was based entirely on the community. Everything developed in this exhibit was based on the community and their responses. They were able to hold logo contests and other events to get the community involved in this 3D interactive exhibit. Design to her is about being interactive and engaging everyone in the community.


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