Designer Profile 2

Jennifer Tate: Throughout her life she has never had one moment stick out to keep her motivated. She likes being able to keep moving on in her life. She believes that each step is a process that leads to the next step. There is not one moment where one has achieved there goals and is done. She believes life keeps moving forward. She is currently an Industrial Designer in New York.  An industrial designer’s role is also known as  product design. Take a building shake it and whatever falls out plus a little bit more. She believes that design is a deliberate decision and appeals to the aesthetic values. Each object is created for a specific design and purpose.  After the conference call she was going to a auto show to make a trending report for headquarters. It is based on the material standpoint. The metal colors and designs are top of the line in these auto shows. Jennifer predicts the continuation of the maker movement, consideration of people where the factories are and what they are being made. Increasing global conversation with trends and general mindset. Making and hand-making. Customized in a mass product. Leasing instead of owning. Lack of owning in future generations.

Patrick Lee Lucas: Is a professor at the University of Kentucky. He never knew he wanted to be a designer. He originally worked for the neighbor across the street and enjoyed it. Went to UC for college and was in the co-op program for design and was able to work in a lot of different firms. After that he ventured from the firms worked for the Bluegrass trust he worked there for several years. A lady told him she was retiring at the University of Kentucky due to health issues. He worked as an art  history professor then went on to get his masters degree and PH.D. When that was finally accomplished he came in to the University to be a director. He has come full circle in his design career and has been able to study abroad and look at the story of places and objects. He is intrigued with the idea of the story behind the product. The future designs that Patrick see is: The way we interact with technology is constantly changing in design. The buildings are completely different following different rules. Design is value added in firms and involved in more significant ways headed in your world. Design is woven into everything.


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