Designer Profile 1

Adam Logsdon: Graduate student here at the university. Adam is an architecture major and is planning on graduating in December of this year. His admiration for architecture and design started in middle school. He was able to make amazing little buildings with legos and jenga pieces. Last year in his architecture class he was able to build a full scale bookshelf. He also was able to study abroad in Paris and France. There he was able to do some digital rendering and other things. In ten years Adam believes that design will increase even more digitally, 3D printing will also increase as well.

Julie: Fourth Year Graduate student. Last semester she was working hard on her portfolio. She has done many projects for each of her studio’s. Her freshman year she worked with space and light and paper. She had more of an artistic background. Taking many art classes in West Virginia. She consistently adds more techniques to her toolbox. She see’s design in everything including music. In ten years she believes digital design will be massive.

Michelle: She is a fourth year. She graduated an all girl school in Louisville. She is an architect. She tries to focus on functionality of design. She is working with digital fabrication made a new student center design. This past year she interned at a Disney College Program. She absolutely loved it.  In ten years she wants to see design be open to all people not just the rich.

Blane: Is a freshman doesn’t have as much background in architecture. Lives in D.C area in West Virginia. He takes a lot of his inspiration from the city and the architectural buildings around D.C. In design he is learning to fail fast. Keep working until you get a functional idea. In ten years he see’s technological advances helping designers. He all wants to see design for everyone.


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