Museum of Me



These artifacts are what comprise of me. The first category I would place these items into is comfortable and laid back. I do not take life to seriously. I would place the UK teddy bear just recently made at Build a Bear at the Top of the list. Then followed by me Under Armour Jacket. I wear tons of sweatpants and sweat shirts that are comfortable. Along with that theme I would want to incorporate the barn picture. I am a horse lover and have been riding since I was five years old. Life at the barn is day going and not too serious. It is an escape from the real world for a bit. It is like my second home.   These artifacts represent the type of easy going person I am.

The next category that I believe describes me is classy and traditional. I absolutely love my Caldduagh ring that. It represent my Irish Heritage and the love and compassion I have for others. I also have Bvlgari sunglasses. They are a top designer brand in Italy. These glasses to me signify top quality and the best. This leads to my next artifact of Keenland. When I think of Keenland I think first of all horses but then i think of all the wealth and class. The people that own these gorgeous horses are so privileged. I think of that when I see Keenland. I have gone there almost every year for four years and love it. I have a great time at Keenland.

The last category that I would place these  artifacts in that describe me is adventurous. My mom and I went to London this past year and had an amazing time with a lot of memories. The telephone booth was something known in London and we decided that was the best place to take her picture. We were able to go and explore all of London for just four days however it was an amazing experience. Then I have a picture of Chicago. Chicago is my favorite city. I have gone to Chicago four times over the past two years and have had an amazing time each time. The skyline is absolutely breath taking. The city is so clean and the people are so nice. There is also so much to do in Chicago. There is never a dull moment. Then is the picture of Willie shooting a free-throw. I have been to almost all of this seasons basketball games. I missed three because I was out of town. I am able to got o the Final Four in Indy. I have never been to Indy and I am so happy to be going to watch our boys. These categories are what I believe defines me. To other individuals they do not see the meaning that I do. They are all different artifacts.


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