Informance Video 9&10

Telsa Model Car   Laptop

For the last two videos that I watched they talked about the Tesla Model electric car and then an Apple laptop.These are both goods that are used in society and are technologically advanced. The Apple laptop was created by Steve Jobs.  He also created the other apple products. The Tesla is able to use the latest technology to create an energy efficient car. The car battery takes up that entire bottom half of the car while it has a lithium battery. The Laptop on the other hand is made with aluminum and a glass screen. The Tesla car was created so that people did not have to use gas it is an energy efficient car. Both are portrayed on TV whether that be an exclusive show with the Tesla Model or a commercial on TV for the Apple Mac. Both designed features keep in mind the consumer. Apple is constantly coming out with new designs to improve the old. The Tesla enables one to use an app to adjust the car settings while it is off. This enables people to roll up the windows turn on the car and other features. With these technological advances in mind it is easy to see how much time and dedication it takes to make an artifact such as these.


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