Informance Video 7&8

New York         Drake

The two videos that I watched were on New York City and then Beats by Dre.  They both talked about the design process and how they are made for convenience. The grid road system enables people to get around easily and find where they need to go. The Beats are used so that the experience of listening to music. They were originally designed at headphones to wear in the studio and were heavy. However throughout the design process they have been able to make beats smaller and lighter. However in New York the design was based around cultural aspects. Broadway was the only street that reflected Native American Culture. The grid system is based upon dutch culture. Both products enhance the lives of people New York allows for easily mobile functions. While Beats make the music experience more enjoyable. Beats are lighter and have great audio files. They both are exposed in the media rather well. They are both publicized on TV Beats are endorsed by Drake and New York is in the media almost every day.


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