Extreme By Design

This film focused on a class that college students were enrolled in. They were taken to different countries to look at real life problems and designs that could help these different situations. The one group worked on a water system on a small island. They wanted to find a way to storage for water throughout the dry season. Then another group was in Bangladesh and worked with finding a breathing machine for babies that have pneumonia. This is the number one killer of babies in Bangladesh. While the third group worked with an ivy system that uses gravity to make the ivy drip. These groups were able to make prototypes on a low income. This will allow these countries to use less money to make these machines to help more patients. The movie was based around applying design to real world situations. It is being able to make prototypes and keep adjusting the design to make it work. This class focuses on the design process. The reviews were able to help them direct what they were doing and how they were going to do this. They also learned how to interact and work as a team. It enabled them to see how important it is to work with others to bounce ideas off and make the design better. Overall this film enabled me to see the design process and how important it is. The idea that people are able to create things that make life more convenient is amazing to me.


If You Build It

While watching this movie it was amazing to see the positive this one building could have on an entire community. The kids were able to feel like they were apart of something. It helped them build their confidence. This is the idea that their ideas were taken into consideration and then put into action made them feel accomplished. By the end of the video the  kids stated how blessed they were to be in this class.  When reading the letters from Emily and Matt they started to tear up. They were obviously very attached to them. When they were in the finished project of the Farmers Market they were amazed that the finished project was this big. The community was able to have a place to bring the things they grew and were proud of you to sell. The one woman in her kitchen making her cakes was so excited to sell them. Being able to bring people from the community together was a huge accomplishment. From the farmers market opening other stores were opened and more jobs were created in a place where everyone was leaving and business was declining. Overall the impact that this farmers market made was a positive one that these kids and families will never forget.

Designer 5 Profile

Mark O’Bryan is an architect and is very fond of older buildings. He received his Masters Degree at Cornell University. He has traveled to many different places throughout the world including, Istanbul Turkey and Greece. He has designed many different architectural structures for churches. He has a personal connection to one of his first projects that was done for St. Agnes. He designed and made a baptismal font. During this project his mother and grandmother had passed away. and he had made a little memorial in the font. Allowing for a personal connection to the design. The font he designed was his most favorite design due to the personal connection he had with it. Mark also paints and is working on a Love Hotel. This love hotel is about his memories in foreign places that represent his life in a designed process. Mark see’s design in the world as amazing. Beauty that nature provides is extraordinary. Everything is designed and we do not know everything about the whole design process. There is an amazing level of complexity. He see’s design in the future as design becoming cheap but labor becoming more expensive. It will slowly become how we direct machines to do the work.

Ann Whiteside-Dickson: Works for the School of Interiors. She believes interior design is a new profession but has been around for millennia. When she visited the caves in France and saw the paintings on the wall it was a designed interior space. She grew up in a small town with a lot of heritage.  The textile industry was widely used. Women would make blankets and things for everyday use that is now qualified as designed art. The art has become less common throughout time. Her parents had built a house that did not have an air conditioner. The house had to have been constructed in a way to easily allow the wind to blow throughout the house. Ann looks at the environmental response to design and believes it should enrich the experience. She focuses her work on the feel of the room and how we respond to that feeling. She believes in current design we are seeing a movement toward environmental sustainability and ability to reach all class levels. She believes design in the future is going to continue with sustainability and environmentally friendly designed however she does not truly know where it will go past that.

Designer Profile 4

Lindsey Lawry Fay started her undergraduate work here at the University of Kentucky in another major she then throughout her time decided that she wanted to be in a creative field. She connected with her art courses in High School. As a child she was able to work on a small committee to make a new playground for all of the kids in school. She absolutely loved working with this group. Today she is involved with many different aspects of design. She is involved in Research. She has taken her class into the new hospital and has allowed them to observe and see what the patients are using or not. She then works as a professor at the University of Kentucky. She is apart of a study abroad program to Cambodia and Thailand where she allows her students to look at many other aspects of design. She lived near Lake Tahoe California and worked on many housing projects. She misses working with the community around her and the local people. Here at the University of Kentucky she is apart of service and development. She is the head of the UK chapter of Habitat for Humanity. In design today she see’s the multifaceted way of working. So many great opportunities are arising and many of the design elements are overlapping. Design in the future she sees the community being more involved. The value of design increasing and collaboration is imperative.

Rebekah Radtke is an interior designer at the University of Kentucky. She recently got back from Atlanta and is working on the interior design of the student center. She works with community based projects in Brazil. She worked in North Lime Kentucky making shotgun houses and then here at the University. With design she talked a lot about engaging the community around, weaving new technology into the areas, and integrating design from all aspects. Her class for design is able to directly look at study rooms and public areas in Champions Court One. They have observed the dorm room spaces to see what people are doing and at what times these rooms are being used the most. She is a huge advocate for people and their voices in design. Design to her at this moment in time is a large movement toward human based design. It is not based on what things used to look like however the ideas that everyone in the community communicates. When thinking about design in the future she see’s robots. Very big robots that have the potential to change the world and make the change that we want to see. She thinks design will become more inclusive for people in the community.

Designer 3 Profile

Melody Farris Jackson has worked in many different places and for many different corporations in many different areas. Her first story was about her work with the World Equestrian Games. She was able to sit down in a meeting and draw up a sketch with horses that looked like violins. She was able to design the logo, multiple posters, apparel designs and paintings on barrels. She has expanded her horizon throughout her life. With different meetings and events she was able to connect with others and grow into the designer she is today. She is an architect who works on multiple different projects. She has done additions on houses and worked for NASA, Ikea, Toyota and Nike designing different buildings. She believes strongly that her design process is constantly growing and changing, and solving problems. She believes that design is going to become more about power of expression than anything else.

Sabrina Mason is an instructor here at the University of Kentucky. She is an interior design major. Last year she was able to work on the Butler Project. This is where she was able to get people in the community involved and interacting with one another. This project was based entirely on the community. Everything developed in this exhibit was based on the community and their responses. They were able to hold logo contests and other events to get the community involved in this 3D interactive exhibit. Design to her is about being interactive and engaging everyone in the community.

Designer Profile 2

Jennifer Tate: Throughout her life she has never had one moment stick out to keep her motivated. She likes being able to keep moving on in her life. She believes that each step is a process that leads to the next step. There is not one moment where one has achieved there goals and is done. She believes life keeps moving forward. She is currently an Industrial Designer in New York.  An industrial designer’s role is also known as  product design. Take a building shake it and whatever falls out plus a little bit more. She believes that design is a deliberate decision and appeals to the aesthetic values. Each object is created for a specific design and purpose.  After the conference call she was going to a auto show to make a trending report for headquarters. It is based on the material standpoint. The metal colors and designs are top of the line in these auto shows. Jennifer predicts the continuation of the maker movement, consideration of people where the factories are and what they are being made. Increasing global conversation with trends and general mindset. Making and hand-making. Customized in a mass product. Leasing instead of owning. Lack of owning in future generations.

Patrick Lee Lucas: Is a professor at the University of Kentucky. He never knew he wanted to be a designer. He originally worked for the neighbor across the street and enjoyed it. Went to UC for college and was in the co-op program for design and was able to work in a lot of different firms. After that he ventured from the firms worked for the Bluegrass trust he worked there for several years. A lady told him she was retiring at the University of Kentucky due to health issues. He worked as an art  history professor then went on to get his masters degree and PH.D. When that was finally accomplished he came in to the University to be a director. He has come full circle in his design career and has been able to study abroad and look at the story of places and objects. He is intrigued with the idea of the story behind the product. The future designs that Patrick see is: The way we interact with technology is constantly changing in design. The buildings are completely different following different rules. Design is value added in firms and involved in more significant ways headed in your world. Design is woven into everything.

Designer Profile 1

Adam Logsdon: Graduate student here at the university. Adam is an architecture major and is planning on graduating in December of this year. His admiration for architecture and design started in middle school. He was able to make amazing little buildings with legos and jenga pieces. Last year in his architecture class he was able to build a full scale bookshelf. He also was able to study abroad in Paris and France. There he was able to do some digital rendering and other things. In ten years Adam believes that design will increase even more digitally, 3D printing will also increase as well.

Julie: Fourth Year Graduate student. Last semester she was working hard on her portfolio. She has done many projects for each of her studio’s. Her freshman year she worked with space and light and paper. She had more of an artistic background. Taking many art classes in West Virginia. She consistently adds more techniques to her toolbox. She see’s design in everything including music. In ten years she believes digital design will be massive.

Michelle: She is a fourth year. She graduated an all girl school in Louisville. She is an architect. She tries to focus on functionality of design. She is working with digital fabrication made a new student center design. This past year she interned at a Disney College Program. She absolutely loved it.  In ten years she wants to see design be open to all people not just the rich.

Blane: Is a freshman doesn’t have as much background in architecture. Lives in D.C area in West Virginia. He takes a lot of his inspiration from the city and the architectural buildings around D.C. In design he is learning to fail fast. Keep working until you get a functional idea. In ten years he see’s technological advances helping designers. He all wants to see design for everyone.

Museum of Me



These artifacts are what comprise of me. The first category I would place these items into is comfortable and laid back. I do not take life to seriously. I would place the UK teddy bear just recently made at Build a Bear at the Top of the list. Then followed by me Under Armour Jacket. I wear tons of sweatpants and sweat shirts that are comfortable. Along with that theme I would want to incorporate the barn picture. I am a horse lover and have been riding since I was five years old. Life at the barn is day going and not too serious. It is an escape from the real world for a bit. It is like my second home.   These artifacts represent the type of easy going person I am.

The next category that I believe describes me is classy and traditional. I absolutely love my Caldduagh ring that. It represent my Irish Heritage and the love and compassion I have for others. I also have Bvlgari sunglasses. They are a top designer brand in Italy. These glasses to me signify top quality and the best. This leads to my next artifact of Keenland. When I think of Keenland I think first of all horses but then i think of all the wealth and class. The people that own these gorgeous horses are so privileged. I think of that when I see Keenland. I have gone there almost every year for four years and love it. I have a great time at Keenland.

The last category that I would place these  artifacts in that describe me is adventurous. My mom and I went to London this past year and had an amazing time with a lot of memories. The telephone booth was something known in London and we decided that was the best place to take her picture. We were able to go and explore all of London for just four days however it was an amazing experience. Then I have a picture of Chicago. Chicago is my favorite city. I have gone to Chicago four times over the past two years and have had an amazing time each time. The skyline is absolutely breath taking. The city is so clean and the people are so nice. There is also so much to do in Chicago. There is never a dull moment. Then is the picture of Willie shooting a free-throw. I have been to almost all of this seasons basketball games. I missed three because I was out of town. I am able to got o the Final Four in Indy. I have never been to Indy and I am so happy to be going to watch our boys. These categories are what I believe defines me. To other individuals they do not see the meaning that I do. They are all different artifacts.

Informance Video 9&10

Telsa Model Car   Laptop

For the last two videos that I watched they talked about the Tesla Model electric car and then an Apple laptop.These are both goods that are used in society and are technologically advanced. The Apple laptop was created by Steve Jobs.  He also created the other apple products. The Tesla is able to use the latest technology to create an energy efficient car. The car battery takes up that entire bottom half of the car while it has a lithium battery. The Laptop on the other hand is made with aluminum and a glass screen. The Tesla car was created so that people did not have to use gas it is an energy efficient car. Both are portrayed on TV whether that be an exclusive show with the Tesla Model or a commercial on TV for the Apple Mac. Both designed features keep in mind the consumer. Apple is constantly coming out with new designs to improve the old. The Tesla enables one to use an app to adjust the car settings while it is off. This enables people to roll up the windows turn on the car and other features. With these technological advances in mind it is easy to see how much time and dedication it takes to make an artifact such as these.