Informance Video 3&4

field notes   jeep

For this section I watched two videos with differing artifacts.  The Jeep movie was made by Seth Jones and the second video was done by Lyon Fletcher. These movies were really well done. Both discussed how these artifacts were originally used. The Jeep was created for the Military while the original field notes book was created for practical uses to have a place to take notes and know a little bit about Kentucky. Each artifact is able to enhance the quality of life field notes enables people to write down important events in a small and easily accessible notebook. Jeeps are cars that are created to go anywhere through any terrain. The Jeep is a valuable and multipurpose vehicle that can be used by both the  military and common consumers. The field notes is meant for everyone. It has many different aspects that can be useful in certain situations. There is a difference between the media on each artifact. The Jeep appears in many movies and commercials that appeal to consumers. However the field notes are not impacted as much by the media. It is only spread through word of mouth. It is also only sold in small local Kentucky stores and on one online site Kentucky for Kentucky. Field Notes are specifically targeted to Kentuckians while Jeep is a more national name. People like myself who are not from Kentucky would not know about the field notes while Jeep is a brand that I see in everyday life. These movies were both well done and were clearly able to get across the main points of the project.


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