Informance Analysis Video 1 & 2

Hasselblad     PS4

The First Video I watched it focused on Hasselblad Cameras while the second video was about the Play Station Four. Both were able to compare their products to their predecessors. This showed how the design process changed for each artifact. The camera video clearly identified the idea that the Camera was able to clearly capture moments in life. While the Play station four was able to say that it enhanced gamers graphics allowing gamers to feel more apart of the game itself. They both clearly portray the consumerism. In the Hasselblad video it explains the cost of each individual camera and the quality in which these camera’s depict. It states that high end photographers are more apt to buy this expensive of a camera due to the fact the quality of the photograph is unbelievable. The Play Station video compares the video console to others. The media influences the competitors and competitors alike for both products. They show that Kodak along with Hasselblad made cameras while PS4, Wii and Xbox were all competitors. Each must be advertised in a way to attract customers. The qualities of both the camera and the game console are major aspects in why people buy these products.


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