Target Observation


This is an empty checkout register. This is designed in such a way that people are able to put their groceries on the rolling conveyer belt that allows food to be brought to the person standing behind the desk. The cold soft drinks and candy located near the conveyer belt are there to enable people to buy spur of the moment. They want people to pick up the candy bar and the soft drink to eat and drink. It allows the company to bring in more revenue. People like myself fall for buying the candy at the counter.


This section of the Target store is the shoe section. The sign above is created so that people know what section they are walking into. The shoes are spread across the top of the shelves so that they are able to be seen by consumers. The design posters are on top of the clothing to display certain brands of shoes. Off to the left hand side there is Infant and Toddler clothes. The clothing isles are separated by the signs on the wall. This design allows people to easily locate certain items from different areas in the store.


This is a stand full of video games located in the technology part of the Target Store. This entire section is devoted to video games and enables gamers to  look exclusively at the newest video games. It is in the lime green so that the boxes stand out against the background. In the back the of the wall there is a line of TVs that displays the target logo. Throughout the time there it displays different movies that are out. Another design aspect in this particular area is the enclosed cases in which display the video games however it is locked so that people have a harder time stealing it. This design aspect allows people to see the popular video games.


The Samsung TV is located in the in the technology section as well. This particular TV is located in the technology section. The TV is something that is widely bought throughout the entire United States. Stores like Target are able to sell these particular TV’s. The fact that a widespread chain of stores such as Target are able to sell high end LED Tv’s is important. The consumerism and media influence is very important to the fact that this particular TV is located at Target. The design of the TV is so small that it enables the shelves to fit more on the shelves.


This is the Beats part of the technology section. This enables people to look and listen to the new Beats that came out. They also enable one to see the different color options so that people are able to get the full experience. This entire section allows people to see the new headphones that have become so popular within the last year. They are able to see the difference between the regular headphones and these high definition headphones. This is consumerism at its best. It allows the consume to get the full effect. The fact that Beats are so popular enables the people to know about this brand. The media influence on Beats is essential to the continual selling of this item.

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