Artifact: Ticket/Information booth

Located right in the main entrance of the Navy Pier. Allows people to see the events and things going on that particular day. The ticket booth allows people to buy IMax tickets to whatever is out. Also the information desk allows people to find out about the Navy Pier its history and what happens and where at. The ticket booth is small and is in the middle of the entrance. The ticket booth gives the Navy Pier a sense of entertainment and family friendly environment.

Artifact: Board Walk Outside

This is located on either side of the Navy Pier. It allows people to walk around outside and see the gorgeous views on the lake and also look back and see the views from the dock. Along the walk there are places to eat and sit. This allows people to come and take in nature and the man made city behind them. It also allows people to be outside and enjoy the weather. The Pier aspect with boats outsides sets the tone for this historic spot. It gives it a sense of entertainment and use. Due to the fact that the boats are docked on the side and are being used for different purposes.


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