The ranch house was most famous for being part of the non-urban area. They were mainly suburban homes with a plot of land. This is due to the fact that people wanted a plot of land. They wanted to live the American Dream with a plot of land that was manicured, representing the American Frontier. This aspect of the ranch house enabled people to feel like they could live the American Dream at a reasonable price. The ranch is functional and comfortable. Mobility was a major aspect of this home. Allowing the automobile to be apart of the house was a major aspect. The attached garage to the floor plan makes mobility and freedom apart of the look of this ranch. When one thinks about the word ranch one of the first things that comes to mind is cows and the West. Where there is plenty of adventures to be had and where there was plenty of space to go and explore. The ranch style home incorporates those ideas into the ranch with the yard that is attributed to the house and the idea of mobility with the garage attached to the home.


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