Firmness, Commodity and Delight


Chicago skyline .December 25 2014

Photo taken by Madeline Coyne

The city of Chicago is a well designed city. I believe that it has firmness, commodity and delight. These three aspects make an object or space well designed. Chicago has a sense of firmness or what we call performance. Each street in Chicago leads to certain areas, the city is easily accessible. Transportation in the city is efficient starting with the L that leads the suburbs of Chicago into the city itself. Taxi’s, buses and trolleys are able to easily drive through the city so that people can be transported from place to place. Millennium park is perfect distance from the inner city and allows people to walk and enjoy the beautiful view. This is where this picture is taken.

Chicago also has a sense of Venustas or a sense of belonging. When walking through Chicago one gets a sense of this developed city. The beautiful apartments that overlook the lake and the Navy Pier. The whole city is clean there isn’t trash lying around. One feels safe and is happy to be in this gorgeous city. The view from Millennium Park has a positive and breath taking view. The skyline makes one step back and think about how small one is. Compared to these large skyscrapers.

Utilitas is also incorporated with the the arrangement of the buildings. Each building stands tall enough to be seen. The buildings in this image start out tall and slowly become smaller. The middle there are no tall sky scrapers. The buildings are all interconnected. They serve different purposes for the people living in Chicago.


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