Project Viewing

While watching the videos I realized how important timing is with videos that use words. The one example shown in class today the words were very hard to read and passed by so quickly the audience did not have the time to fully read the clip. Also when watching a video using a mixture between background music and talking is the best way to keep the audience attention. One does not want to read the entire time or listen to a monotonous voice for a period of time. Another thing that I need to take into account when creating my movie is the graphics in which I am going to use. The first movie about the tallest building in the world was very visually graphic and allowed the audience to follow along with what the narrator was stating. Viewing these videos has given me a sense of what I am going to need to do for my final project.


Tiny Home

Living in a 400 square foot house would have its advantages and disadvantages. I believe that it would be a challenge. I am so used to having space to do things and have room to spread out. In a 400 square foot living quarter I would not have the wide-open area that I am used to. I would feel confined in a jail cell in that small of a home. However it does have its advantages.

The advantage of having that small of a house is the space and time one takes to clean. Having that small of a house would ensure less time allotted to cleaning.  Being that small the house would only have the absolute essentials the bills would be less than an average persons bills. This is due to the fact that the electric and heating would be less. One could only fit a small amount of food in the kitchen. In all being in a tiny home would be less expensive.

However a disadvantage of being in that small of a home one could not have a large gathering. They would only be able to have a couple of people over. The space could seem claustrophobic and would get to be too small at some point. It also would be hard to put furniture in. One would truly have to reconsider what they wanted in there house and the size needed to fit the space given. It would be a challenge to find things to fit comfortably in the home without making the furniture look cluttered.


The ranch house was most famous for being part of the non-urban area. They were mainly suburban homes with a plot of land. This is due to the fact that people wanted a plot of land. They wanted to live the American Dream with a plot of land that was manicured, representing the American Frontier. This aspect of the ranch house enabled people to feel like they could live the American Dream at a reasonable price. The ranch is functional and comfortable. Mobility was a major aspect of this home. Allowing the automobile to be apart of the house was a major aspect. The attached garage to the floor plan makes mobility and freedom apart of the look of this ranch. When one thinks about the word ranch one of the first things that comes to mind is cows and the West. Where there is plenty of adventures to be had and where there was plenty of space to go and explore. The ranch style home incorporates those ideas into the ranch with the yard that is attributed to the house and the idea of mobility with the garage attached to the home.


Design is creating something in a way that is functional and aesthetically appealing to people. It is not only the product that is part of design but also the creative process in which one takes to create the object. Each object or thing that we can encounter is designed in some aspect. No matter what the scale everything from a ring to a city has design elements. When these things are designed they show the cultural aspects of the culture. For example the Irish tend to wear the Claddagh Rings that have the two hands holding the heart. My Artifact happens to be on the large scale of things.

I am working on Chicago. This city is older however is being revitalized with new buildings that show of the glamour of the city. Michigan Avenue is lined with stores for people to walk in and out of in one street that stretches across the Northern part of Chicago. The glitz and talk of Michigan Avenue attracts many women. This enhances the quality of human experiences due to the fact many women bond over a solid shopping trip. Women love to say they walked down Michigan Avenue and bought clothes from there in Chicago. Having this street specifically designed and tailored in the Northern part of the city allows people to drive throughout the city and see it but then be able to shop. This example focuses mainly on the design of consumerism. Due to the fact it focuses on women buying things.

By just looking at the aspects of places one can only see the surface of object that was designed. When looking in depth at the artifact people can be able to understand or learn about the underlying meaning of the artifact. One can describe the artifact in depth, then deduce what is doing on in the artifact and why it might be and finally they can speculate why and learn about the deeper meaning of the artifacts.

Artifact Description

Artifact: Chicago


Photo taken by Madeline Coyne

Description: There are multiple skyscrapers. Each varying in height and width that were built within a large space to create a city. The park allows people to walk their dogs and get fresh air. The paths lead people around the Chicago area. One can see the trash cans and recycling bins so the trash is contained. The skyline from afar is beautiful. Constant business and lights are in Chicago. The city that never sleeps. The city is older however is being renovated.

Firmness, Commodity and Delight


Chicago skyline .December 25 2014

Photo taken by Madeline Coyne

The city of Chicago is a well designed city. I believe that it has firmness, commodity and delight. These three aspects make an object or space well designed. Chicago has a sense of firmness or what we call performance. Each street in Chicago leads to certain areas, the city is easily accessible. Transportation in the city is efficient starting with the L that leads the suburbs of Chicago into the city itself. Taxi’s, buses and trolleys are able to easily drive through the city so that people can be transported from place to place. Millennium park is perfect distance from the inner city and allows people to walk and enjoy the beautiful view. This is where this picture is taken.

Chicago also has a sense of Venustas or a sense of belonging. When walking through Chicago one gets a sense of this developed city. The beautiful apartments that overlook the lake and the Navy Pier. The whole city is clean there isn’t trash lying around. One feels safe and is happy to be in this gorgeous city. The view from Millennium Park has a positive and breath taking view. The skyline makes one step back and think about how small one is. Compared to these large skyscrapers.

Utilitas is also incorporated with the the arrangement of the buildings. Each building stands tall enough to be seen. The buildings in this image start out tall and slowly become smaller. The middle there are no tall sky scrapers. The buildings are all interconnected. They serve different purposes for the people living in Chicago.

Postcard 1

Quote: “As the United States becomes an ever more diversified society, consideration of national, regional, ethnic, and subcultural ideas and issues contribute increasingly to the shape of its material culture.”





Statue of Liberty Symbols