Media Depot

When walking through the Media Depot I was amazed at the amount of resources that were available. The people in the Media Depot were extremely nice and very resourceful. When working on the video project, I will be able to go to the Media Depot and receive the help needed. The resources such as the green screen room, the recording studios and computer lab can help me to create a well done movie. I am able to stand in front of the green screen and shoot a video. Also the people at the Media Depot will be able to help me use Adobe Premier and iMovie. These two programs can help me easily create a movie for later on in the year. By having these resources so readily available, I will be able to create a well done movie, that looks professional yet creative.


Stump 2

Thick Description:¬†One we looked at was a standard black baseball cap. This cap blocks the sun from ones eyes due to the long front flap. It allows the person to see objects clearly while shading the person’s eyes and face from the sun. It also allows people to sport University of Kentucky around for the world to see. The black color however absorbs the sunlight causing the heat to become trapped.

Design Story: Designers made this hat to block the sun from their eyes without effecting the eyesight. The Royal Blue emblazoned University of Kentucky across the front of the hat to allow others to see this design. Anther aspect of design that is incorporated in this baseball cap is the color. The black color absorbs the sunlight causing the heat from the sun to become trapped. With this design element the baseball cap is both functional and designed.

Water Bottle 2

Water bottles are apart of American Culture. One see’s millions of people walking around with a simple plastic bottle containing water. This helps Americans stay hydrated throughout the day. People desire to carry around water bottles for many different reasons. One reason is the simple fact that it is a convenience to have a water bottle. When driving, sitting in a lecture, or simply walking around outside, people are able to have a small lightweight water bottle to drink from, as to not disrupt there task at hand.

Another reason people use water bottles is to keep up with the times. Millions of people walk around with identical looking water bottles or brands of water. It is almost a sign of uniformity. The fact that some people walk around with water bottles means that maybe that individual should walk around with one as well. It gives people the sense of belonging, especially in a large crowd. No one wants to be the odd one out!

One other reason is for sanitary issues. People feel healthier when they are drinking from the same water bottle. Growing up as a child my parents would always say do not drink from the water fountain that is how you will get sick. So having individual water bottles limits the amount of germs that are spread especially during the winter. When people are sick constantly. These are only some of the reasons that people desire to carry around water bottles.

Water Bottle




Thick Word Description: The reusable water bottle is practical. Holding 20 fluid oz of your desired beverage. This water bottle also shows your inner fan with UK Wildcats draping down the side. It is tall and curved for easy placement in the palm of ones hand.